Dreamfields events

As well as kidzcourse and riding club days where students and those interested come together for half/full days special events are also held throughout the year. Dressage competition/assessment days are held on a regular basis every 4-6 weeks. Format is protocol where the riders discuss their test with the judge after they have ridden it.

These days are open to all riders, from beginners and those starting out through the levels to Grand Prix. An A level judge is always available as well as outside judges. Please phone or email for further details.

Special events

Special events are also held throughout the year. These enhance the knowledge and skill gained in the private sessions, increase confidence, provide a social occasion and the enjoyment of getting together and interacting with friends and new people and creating an opportunity to watch and observe others, learn from them and develop awareness and observation skills from aspects not possible in a private lesson, again contributing to the whole picture approach that makes
a horseman.

These days include clear round jumping (starting at ground rail level) - mini one day event, combined training, hacking days, mounted games. Awards (on a % basis so available to all) and prizes on all days. Pointscore etc certificates. It is a win-win situation based on individual achievement and for which criteria have been set as a mark of achievement. Awards are recognition of individual achievement.

Events 2013

To kick off 2013 we had an Australia Day Event with food and music, all to an Australian theme! As well as stock horse classes for the riders - both led (groundwork) and ridden, there were events for those without horse with an art comp and some
dingo howling!

A great time was had by all, and many thanks Simone Tell for the callistemons. Lynne Gardner for the dingo howling video and Natasha Hamilton for the great meat pies, sausage rolls and cockatoo for the pin the tail on event! Thanks to our juniors Amber, Chloe and Ruby who created a great programme of events for the day and set up the stock horse courses. Thanks too Amber for the horseshoes, we'll 'ave another go next year! We had a fab day and are looking forward to next years.

Upcoming Events

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